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DocuGuard security papers available from Elite Forms, Inc.

Document fraud is a growing business that plagues every business owner and medical facility. Technology available to nearly anyone has evolved so well that criminals make document alteration and duplication an easy task. Pantographs not typically visible to the naked eye appear on security paper most of the time when duplicated, but cannot be guaranteed to appear all the time, especially when used with different equipment. Criminals experience a greater challenge when they encounter documents that include a variety of proven security features, especially when they use a copier, scanner or camera. DocuGard Medical and Multi-Purpose Security Paper can include up to 10 security features per sheet, making sure you possess maximum protection against fraud.

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Dr. writing prescription on DocuGard security paper

  • Security Listings Box describes security features
  • Pantograph prints "VOID" or "Unauthorized Copy" on front when duplicated
  • Thermochromatic ink with Rx symbol disappears when subjected to touch or heat from a copier
  • Coin-reactive ink on back side changes color when scratched with a coin
  • Printed watermarks on back can be seen when held up to a light source
  • Toner Grip chemical coating on both side fuses ink to paper, making alterations noticeable
  • Invisible fibers are woven into the paper and can be seen under a black light
  • Microtext borders contain the DocuGard product name and are difficult to copy
  • Colored background highlights erasure alterations

DocuGard Multi-Purpose Paper

This newest DocuGard Multi-Purpose Security Paper includes a blue background with UNAUTHORIZED COPY pantograph; simply security paper. This simple security paper is perfect for 2-sided printing for any documentation needs that require some basic security. And it is priced just right to fit easily into limited budgets.

DocuGard Multi-Purpose Security Paper includes the following features:
  • Defers fraud and protects personal information
  • Ideal for any document not authorized for duplication
  • Contains "UNAUTHORIZED COPY" hidden pantograph
  • Blue colored background is erasure resitant
  • An Elementree sustainable paper product
  • Very competitive pricing
Paper Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11" - 24# Sheets - 32 Lbs/Ctn - 5 Reams/Ctn - 2,500 Sheets/Ctn

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DocuGard security paper - 8 1/2 x 11

DocuGard medical/prescription papers meet and exceed the guidelines set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Elite Forms, Inc. also has non-medical security papers for multi-purpose applications.

Following is a matrix of the security feature categories, as defined by CMS, that our security papers include:

Prescription Paper Specifications Matrix

Medical Security Paper Examples

Prescription and security fraud continues to cost businesses and taxpayers billions of dollars each year. DocuGard security and prescription papers help to deter fraud by providing a maximum level of security.

Medical Security Paper - Items: 04541, 04542, 04543, 04544, 04545, and 04546

  • Meets and exceeds federal guidelines set by the CMS for tamper resistance
  • Ideal for prescription pads, medical tests, CatScans and MRIs
  • Standard, Advanced and Premier levels

medical security paper

Multi-purpose Security Paper - Items: 04546 and 04549

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and protect personal information
  • Ideal for letterhead, price lists, personal records, transcripts, financial, insurance & legal documents
multi-purpose security paper

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